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Facebook Live 360 and Youtube Live 360

Global Streaming Solutions

StreamTrek is a livestreaming and videoproduction specialists with 4 years experience in the streaming industry. We specialise in full livestreamed broadcasts and offer professional webcasting services for any type of events. (Conferences, Concerts, Festivals, Sport Events, Webinars, Product launches, Press Conferences) We are providing a globally reachable, television quality web-stream in HD/4K (Ultra HD), or even a 360 degree interactive broadcast of your event.
Your audience can follow livestream presentations on any devices, desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Anyone on any device can experince the 360 Live interactivity.

We offer our partners special stream-marketing service which is specialised for livestream to provide the perfect opportunity to reach your target audience and your desired goals.

Show your clients your business - your event, your product, your service, your conference, your festival, your show - as if they were right there on the spot, participating in it alive!

Stream Services and Video Production

Global Streaming Solutions

360 Livestream

Provide your audience the ultimate 360 Livestream interactive experience by transporting them into events right as they happen. Your event can be virtually attended by anyone on any device. Live 360 is already available on Facebook and Youtube. You don’t need to decide which platform you prefer, we can broadcast your event parallelly on both of them.

Enjoy the advantage of Facebook and Youtube at the same time!


Livestream is a global solution all around the world, on several parallel platforms in HD/4K resolution. We offer the best personalised option for our clients, whatever you intend to broadcast. Our team is ready to broadcast your event from several locations taking place in different countries at the same time. Live stream is available to all on various platforms: Youtube, Facebook, Ustream, Twitter, Instagram, DaCast, JVC Video Cloud, Brightcove, IBM Video Cloud (Ustream)

Stream Marketing

Our several years experience in stream industry let us developed a special stream marketing solution. We provide a full range of services to our clients including strategy planning, promotion, implementation and evaluation in order to reach the highest number of your target audience. Streaming is a perfect tool in a marketing mix to build company/brand/service image to reach thousands of people for a conference, festival, concert real time to introduce a new product/service/occasion/exhibition.

Global Streaming Solutions

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  • Berlin
  • London
  • Vienna
  • Denpasar
  • Frankfurt
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  • Prague
  • Budapest
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    Conference Stream
    Concert Stream
    Facebook Live

    360 Livestream

    • 360 Livestream on Youtube
    • 360 Stream embedded into website or event’s lading page
    • 360 Livestream to Facebook
    • 360 Video Production
    • Interactive navigation control
    • Mobil-VR integration
    • The broadcast can be tagged, branded
    • No limit in number of viewers
    • Available on any platforms ( android, iOS, windows …)
    • Can be reached from any kind of device: PC, tablet, mobile phone, laptop
    • After the livestream video-on-demand is available
    • 360 VR Video and Timelapse
    • 360 degree photos


    • Livestream parallel on more platforms, i.e.: Youtube, Facebook, Ustream, Twitter, Instagram, DaCast, JVC Video Cloud, Brightcove, IBM Video Cloud (Ustream)
    • The broadcast is live-edited, can be tagged, branded
    • Even in 4K (ultra HD) resolution
    • Global reach, no audience limit
    • Embeddable in websites and Landing pages
    • Interactive livestream: viewer can choice from multiple camera angle
    • Multi-bitrate: simultaneous encoding to any video format/bitrate
    • Streaming on more languages (simultaneous interpretation)
    • Streaming from several places, even from different countries
    • Pay-Per-View / Paywall
    • Private streaming (password protected and/or can be viewed by e-mail invitation only
    • Point-to-point videolink with low latency
    • Unique network and video/data transfer solutions (bonding and redundant internet connectivity

    Marketing Solutions

    • Your streaming backed with a well planned and executed marketing strategy guarantees the maximum reach of your target audience. Streaming is a perfect tool in a marketing mix to build company/brand/service image, to reach thousands of people for a conference, festival, concert, etc REALTIME, to introduce a new product/service/occasion/exhibition
    • We do strategic planning
    • 360 project management
    • We offer online solutions, according to what the project requires
    • We always deliver project evaluation, statistical analysis

    Facebook live

    • 360 Live streaming already available on Facebook
    • Facebook Live - to reach high number of viewers
    • Parallel we can stream on several Facebook sites
    • Live and Post Live reach
    • Native Facebook Live integration

    360 Livestream References

    Global Streaming Solutions

    360 Video StreamTrek - HR Tech World 2017 Amsterdam

    360 Video StreamTrek - Fashion Week Central Europe 2017

    360 Video StreamTrek - Szentendre in 360

    360 Video StreamTrek - 17. ARC kiállítás

    Magyar Telekom Magenta koncert live streaming

    Online Concert Streaming

    Telekom Magenta 1 concert

    Location: Budapest, Papp Laszlo Arena
    Streaming platform: Youtube Live (1080pHD) + Facebook Live HD + Youtube Live 360 (4K)
    Details: one stage, live audio- and video mixing for the stream, multi-camera video production, 360 degree live video, local recording in broadcast quality, preroll/postroll footages, video spots during the stream.

    The Magenta 1 gift concert was organized On the 12th of February 2017. At the reuqest of our client we were providing the online stream of the event. We estabilished an optical connection from which we received multiple audio tracks and live edited video signal. During the broadcast we were also providing broadcast management (subtitles, logo placement, video spots) The event was available in parallel on Youtube Live and Facebook Live in FHD/HD quality. We also installed a 360 degree camera on the stage, whose feed was available on Youtube in 4k UHD quality. The HD, and the 360 VR 4K broadcasts were recorded at the venue in broadcast quality.


    Streaming from multiple locations

    Low-Latency audio/video connection between multiplelocations

    Startup Conference 2015

    Location 1.: Design Terminal, Budapest (Hungary)
    Location 2.: Handwerkskammer, Frankfurt (Germany)
    Location 3.: Verband Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller, Berlin (Germany)
    Platform: low-latency multipoint connection between the 3 locations.
    Details: 3 locations, at each location we provided Broadcast quality HD cameras, local audio mixing, sound engineering, screen and presentation sharing between the locations, local recording.

    The Startup Conference was held in 3 different locations (Budapest, Frankfurt, Berlin) in 2015. The events at these locations were running simultaneously, the presenters held their presentations in rotation. At the end of each presentation there was a possibility to ask questions, even from the remote locations, thanks to the low-latency duplex video connection. Each location had broadcast cameras, projector, live audio mixing, including presentation/screen sharing, even using PiP (picture-in picture) solutions. The 3 locations were “connected” live in HD quality, giving the possibility for the audience to interact with each other throughout the event.

    Sziget Fesztivál Live Streaming

    Online Festival Streaming

    Sziget Festival 2016

    Location: Hajógyári Sziget, Budapest
    Streaming platform: Youtube Live (1080pHD) + Facebook Live (720pHD)
    Details: 3 stages, live sound mixing, video mixing for the stream, multi-camera video production, local recording in broadcast quality, pre-roll videos, post-roll videos, logo placement, video spots during the broadcast.

    During the Sziget Festival in 2016 we were streaming two stages and an ambient camera on Youtube and Facebook Live platforms. Live video and multi-track audio mixing we performed in a mobile container near the stages. The final audio/video signal were transmitted via optical connection to our temporary technical center, where the encoding and the recording (in broadcast quality) happened. In addition to the streaming service we also provided broadcast management, adding animated and static graphics and video spots into the mix. During the night and in the morning we were broadcasting replays from the previous days’ concerts , giving our client the possibility to provide a 24/7 multi-channel ‘Festival TV’ experience for their viewers. As a special demand, time to time it have arisen to broadcast on the performers’ Youtube/Facebook channel in addition to the official festival channels. In these cases the broadcast was conducted on two Youtube and two Facebook live channels independent from each other.

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